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Vape Juices

Understanding Vape Juices

Vape juices are the flavoured e-liquids used for vaping. The e-liquid gets heated to produce the vapour that is inhaled. The two ingredients in e-liquid are –

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

The better understanding of both the ingredient will help in your vaping experience drastically.  Both PG and VG are odourless liquids. It can be combined with flavours and nicotine to make the vape juices of your favourite flavour.

PG and VG have different consistencies and taste, and the mouth and throat sensation you get from both varies. Vapers may not like the e-juice with the high PG levels, and it can even turn the new users when the ratio goes wrong.

Best Pg/Vg Ratio For The Vape Tank Of Vape Kit

E-liquids are made with the combination of different level of PG and VG ratio. It helps to alter the throat hit, strengthen the flavour and produces the amount of cloud. The mixes are for example – 80/20 PG/VG or 80VG/20PG (in percentage).

Selecting the right ratio for you depends on your vaping needs such as –

Throat Hit

You will be better off with higher-PG vape liquid if you need a strong throat hit, as the flavour will be stronger than the VG.


For a smoother feeling in the throat and thicker mouthfeel, go for high VG vape liquid. In this, the flavour will be slightly muted with increased power to get more vapour. But remember to stay within the voltage limits to avoid the dry hits or spoiling your equipment.

Less Vapour

You may choose to use a high PG e-liquid if you are someone who wants to produce less vapour while vaping.

Density Of Cloud

Use the high VG vape in case you are someone you is a cloud chaser. Higher VG levels produce thicker clouds for you to show off.

Vaping was dominant with PG and VG blends, but with the time, vapers started using e-liquid that produced thick clouds, and there was a growing rise of intolerance to PG. Other benefits of using VG e-liquids are –

Everyone has a personal preference. The chances of new vaper not liking the strong throat hit than PG e-juice gives are higher and opt for high VG e-liquid that is smoother on the throat. Moreover, most vapers love to have big vape clouds. VG helps in increasing the thickness of vapour clouds.

PG carries the flavours, but VG is naturally sweet, with fruit and dessert flavouring. Sweet flavours liking vapers are better off with high VG e-liquid.

Those with strong atomizers might prefer using high VG e-liquids. Modern tanks are made with high vegetable glycerine e-liquids that are preferred over by the vapers.

 Vape Juices

Some have reported having an allergic reaction to propylene glycol and hence affects the new and experienced vapers. Some users experience the PG sensitivity, with the throat hit with a burning sensation. Switching over to VGe-liquid or a blend with higher VG levels are best suited for such users.

Some PG users have also reported symptoms of dehydration, dry mouth, sore throat and increased thirst. Drinking more water and liquids than usual or the first few weeks are advised while switching to an e-cigarette. When you are properly hydrated, these symptoms usually would last from a few days to a week, as the body gets used to PG. Any unusual reactions could be the side effect quitting smoking and not the PG. If you thinking to quit the smoking habit, check out the wide range of Innokin products that offers the best vaping experience that makes you feel just like smoking. So congratulations!