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Maximizing THC and CBD for Medical Cannabis Harvest

You can observe how time is vital. After all, you did not go through the work that it is challenging to lose your THC or CBD by harvesting early or overlooking these buds’ potency. Either indica or sativa strain, the flowering period usually lasts somewhere around two months or a bit longer.

Since the blossoms on your plant develop, they will gradually merge into large kolas. Then you will see crystals, and they’ll become more sticky. A number of the leaves will get yellowish, and this is normal. You may eliminate it if you’d like those leaves.

The bud is among the most varied plants regarding tastes and scents. The flavors of every breed depend on 100 flavonoids and terpenes’ life. In case you don’t dry and heal your marijuana correctly, you can ruin these molecules leading to tasteless marijuana that smells terrible.

Maximizing the THC

This fantastic psychoactive material is present in the whole plant. Still, the maximum concentration of it’s in the resins of marijuana. These crystals (the trichomes) begin to form throughout the flowering stage; however, they will start to coat the weed just through the final week of the period. Should you wait to be developed, you may optimize the THC content.

Should you wait too long, the resin’s glands will irritate as well as the THC will melt and shape CBN. CBN provides you with feelings and also the effect. You do not need that, and that is the reason you have to time your harvest.

Maximizing the CBD

CBD is your cannabinoid, which has many medicinal effects like painkilling and anti-nausea. It interacts with THC and also boosts the high, although it isn’t psychoactive. The CBD does not worry like THC, but it’s been demonstrated that CBD cans’ impact increases. This usually means you ought to wait to deteriorate, so it is possible to gain CBD to CBN.

The Trichomes

The color of these trichomes is what’s going to explain to you when it’s time to harvest. Do not confuse the trichomes. The pistils are the hairs on the flower.

To inspect the trichomes, you’re going to require a magnifying glass. As your plant evolves, the trichomes on the blossom will undergo three phases.

  • In the first phase, you will observe that the trichomes are shaped and swelled like mushrooms.
  • At the second step, they’ll turn from clear to milky.
  • In the third stage, the trichomes will start to turn amber or brown.

So this is how you select when to crop, based on the “high” you want. That is when the THC level yields if the trichomes are turning milky. THC is developed then by the CBD. CBN has been replaced by most of the THC If the trichomes become brown or amber. So choose if you’ll harvest the buds, and you should watch the trichomes.

Ordinarily, the longer you allow your plant to blossom, the more benign you’ll be if you smoke.


Before cutting down your plant, you need to think about flushing it. Since you feed the nourishment, a few salts have likely been gathered in a plant for subsequent use. What you need to do would be to flush out your plant using freshwater to avoid a lockout.

You may want to cut back and hang dry the whole crops, but it’s significantly easier to do this in sections.

Managing Air Flow and Temperature

The second major thing is the airflow. The airflow across the buds throughout the procedure will stop the growth of mold and fungus. Most of us know these will ruin these buds’ odor.

It’s recommendable to heal the buds. This will bring the terpenes out and create tasty buds.

The region where you’re likely to wash your buds must be ventilated and dark. You wish to hand the branches of your pot that are new upside down. The ventilation is essential. You may use the fans but do not point them straight. You desire the flow of the atmosphere, not storm blowing them.

The more considerable heat will wash your buds quicker, but that isn’t necessarily better.

The room temperature is going to do. Be sure you inspect your plants to observe how they’re currently performing so that the airflow may reach the buds’ portions and turn around them. It’s approximately weekly. The pot is dry when the branches crack under your palms.

At this stage, your marijuana is smokable. Still, if you’d like the very best possible effectiveness and taste, you will have to heal your cannabis.

Curing The Buds

To start with, you have to cut back the buds before the final curing. Use a set of scissors and eliminate any leaves on the buds. This is an aesthetic procedure, and it’s all up to you to choose just how much you will trim. Do not throw the leaves off. These are filled with trichomes, and you’ll be able to smoke this to create the exciting trimming.

After you complete the trimming, then separate the person’s buds in the stalks. You must save the buds in a glass jar. The glass jars would be the ideal alternative for it, although any bag will do the trick.

It’s recommendable for your first fourteen days that you open the jar a couple of times daily and allow them to breathe for about 15 minutes.

Side Notes

It may occur that you don’t do everything correctly on your first attempt, but do not be discouraged. Since the reward is awesomeness, never quit. You won’t ever like the bud as much as you may like. However, after some time, you’ll be experienced, and you’ll discover your breed.

The majority of weed seed suppliers will provide you with a rough estimate of the time that the breed should blossom before it, but this may depend on several things. But there are.

Additionally, always be sure you remain protected from law enforcement and make an effort not to be suspicious. Most of us recognize nothing terrible will happen if you smoke and that marijuana is a plant that has medicinal results. Still, the legislation does not agree with today. Remain safe and hidden from the eyes of law enforcement until they create the bud legal everywhere.