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Why You’re Not Losing Weight By Training? From The Perspective Of A Personal Trainer

Everyone knows that two crucial components of weight loss and slimming include diet and exercise. But unfortunately, both a healthy diet and regular exercise can lead to weight gain if not carefully selected and performed. In this article, some professional North York Personal Trainers answer this question “why our workout session results in weight gain instead of weight loss!”

You Take More Calories Than Needed

A few workouts a week may increase your appetite, especially if your body burns more calories than it used to. Unfortunately, this forces many people to consume more calories than their body needs.

On average, if running burns 100 calories per mile, running two miles will only burn you 200 calories, while it makes you starving in a way that your calorie intake gets higher than your 200 calories. Try to first consult with a personal trainer to see what exercise is suitable for you.

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You Eat Unhealthy Snacks After Exercising

For athletes today, there are various protein bars and drinks that compensate for their lost energy. But most of these products contain extra calories, sugar, and saturated fats, and your body does not need that many calories after a long walk or a training session.

Personal trainers recommend that you go for a small bowl of yogurt with some fruit after a workout or have a sliced carrot as a snack.

You Do Not Drink Enough Water

It is wrong to go for sports drinks immediately after exercise, but another mistake that many people make is not drinking enough water. Our body easily confuses thirst with hunger and makes us consume calories that we do not need, just because it is dehydrated! You should know that water is not the only thing that hydrates the body after exercise. Body hydration includes the hydration of electrolytes, such as sodium after an intensive training session. If you lose water a lot while exercising, you can eat a banana or drink coconut juice to replace lost electrolytes without adding extra sugar.

Do You Think If You Exercise, You Can Relax During The Rest Of The Day?

This is a common mistake most people make. They think that they can spend the rest of their day on the couch because they have practiced and worked in the gym for 30 minutes. Activities such as going up and down the stairs, cleaning the house, walking to the store and cooking, etc., are examples of typical but useful exercises that can burn calories.

You Only Do Aerobics

Many people mistakenly think that the more aerobic exercise they do, the more they lose weight, but personal trainers always say too much aerobics doesn’t necessarily work. Some training will help your body and metabolism, while some others build muscles. Muscles can burn calories more effectively than fat, and you will get better results. It’s better to consult with your personal trainer to have a beneficial work out program.

Your Exercise Interferes With Your Sleep

Adequate and high- quality sleep is vital to losing weight. Although early morning exercise seems to be a good idea, it is valid only when you don’t sleep late at night. Lack of sleep prevents your muscles from repairing and rebuilding.