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What You Need To Know About Having Sex During Her Periods

Having sex with her period is not common, it’s not frequent, but sometimes it can happen. During her periods, women change their mood and so many things can happen, but you never know when she will be fine with the thought of having sex. So, the best thing you can do is to know what to do and how to avoid making her regret it. If you mess up, she won’t probably want to do it again, but there’s a way for both of you to enjoy sex, even if she’s on her days.

First off, you need to know what’s happening to her during menstruation. Her hormones are all over the place; they might feel abdominal pain, inflammation, and sex might be the last thing they want. However, others would start feeling more sensibility in their breasts and around their genital area, and this makes them feel more easily aroused. Whichever the case, the decision of having sex during menstruation or not is a choice you should do as a couple, and nobody should question what you decide.

So, let’s get right on the subject and start talking about what sex positions are suitable if your partner is having her period. Some of them are more comfortable for her, especially those in which you are above her. For example, the missionary posture is great, and she will likely feel fine as long as you don’t penetrate too deep within. Another good posture is the spoon, on your sides.

On a general rule, every sex position in which she is forced to be above you will be uncomfortable, especially for her. You should not try doggy style either, because this position favors a deeper penetration and may feel painful for her because she’s feeling especially sensitive down there and there are changes in the uterine cervix caused by her periods.

Another helpful tip, if you’re planning to have sex during her periods, is extra lubrication. In these days, women usually have more body fluids, and this natural lubrication may help a lot, but keep attentive, and if you ever feel a bit of dryness, go immediately and lubricate the area. You can also take into your favor her extra sensibility and give her an erotic massage in her neck, breasts, thighs, and all around her genitals.

Finally, do not trust her periods and think you can go around having safe sex without protection because she won’t get pregnant. There’s a chance she could, and even if that’s a very low chance, it becomes more likely in women who don’t have regular periods. Also, remember your sperm cells survive up to 5 days within her. If she starts ovulating around that time, you’re done.

So, forget about those useless taboos. Having sex during her periods is a personal choice, and it is possible to enjoy sex during that time as well, especially if you know what to do and what to avoid. Always communicate with her and remember to please her all the time.

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