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Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal Process

The laser hair removal procedure makes it possible not to forget about the discomfort associated with hairs in this part of the body for several years. It quickly and permanently destroys the hair, and also makes the skin smooth, silky. The etobicoke laser clinic is the right place for you to get your hair removed permanently once and for all. You can finally forget about what it feels like to wax your body every week and some of you may even do it more often. It is time consuming, painful and not to mention the money you will spend on expensive waxes and products.

But with this, you can forget about all of that. With just a few simple visits to the clinic, you will be able to remove all of the hair on your body and not have to worry about waxing ever again.

What do you need to know about the procedure? Is laser hair removal a painful process?
Laser hair removal is painful only if the hair is longer than 5 mm.

Also, some patients have a high pain threshold and may experience less comfortable sensations during the procedure. These people are advised to use anesthetics for half an hour before going under the laser.

In general, laser hair is characterized by relative painlessness and lack of strength. Often the sensations seen during the procedure are compared with a feeling of numbness or tingling.

Whatever it is, the specialists who carry out the procedure always offer additional anesthesia before the session in the form of gels and creams.
Epilating hand zones

Epilating is done on such areas of the hands: hands, wrist, elbow, forearm, and hand over the entire length. Depending on the area, prices vary. Also, the cost of the procedure may vary depending on the gender of the patient. So, removing male hair costs more than women.

Moreover, the prices for this procedure vary and depend on the level of the clinic and the equipment used.

For laser epilation to be effective and maximize long-term effects, you need to make some manipulations before and after the procedure.

What needs to be done and not doing before you go to the gym will be asked for prior consultation. In addition, you should contact a dermatologist who will determine whether you have any contraindications to undergo this procedure.

For standard training, before epilating your hands, you must:

Do not expose the skin to sunlight. one month before going to the gym. The skin of the hands should be as light as possible to allow the laser to work well on the hair. Therefore, it is desirable to plan laser procedures for autumn or winter. If you want to spend it in spring and summer, you should cover your hands or use a sunscreen with a filter of at least 35;
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