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The Benefits of Massage Chairs for Seniors
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The Benefits of Massage Chairs for Seniors

Growing older often goes hand in hand with experiencing aches and pains that we’ve never had in our day to day lives before, coupled with a lack of energy compared to our more youthful selves. A good diet and exercise routine will certainly help, but our joints not working quite like they used to is inevitable. Massage chairs have been known to work wonders for seniors who are looking to add some more self care into their routine, some doctors even recommend them to help with muscle fatigue and other ailments that come along with aging. Follow along to learn about all of the wonderful things that massage chairs can do for seniors.

Improves Circulatory System

Many senior citizens struggle with complications related to blood pressure or poor circulation. Getting a stimulating massage can help to increase blood and oxygen flow to the extremities, with the pressure from the massage rollers making it easier for blood to flow through congested areas such as narrowed arteries and veins. This can positively affect those with hypertension or high blood pressure, but of course, consult your physician to see how often and for how long you should be using your massage chair.

Pain Relief

Pain from sore muscles, stiff joints, and arthritis can make life feel like a constant challenge. When performing daily tasks like bathing or picking up objects becomes difficult, it’s hard to determine what steps you should take to help yourself feel better. Aside from consulting your doctor, a massage chair can be a useful tool to have around to soothe the pain. Massages increase blood flow to your joints, which aids in arthritis pain and can even help you regain mobility in those places. Not to mention, if your sore muscles are unrelated to a medical condition then a relaxing session in a massage chair will absolutely help to break up lactic acid in your muscle tissue and soothe the pain, improving any minor muscle injuries along the way. Massage chairs with a heating feature are also a great option to help relax and soften your muscles, leaving you feeling revived and comfortable.

Counteracts a Sedentary Lifestyle

While you may have lived a hyperactive lifestyle during your youth and even well into your golden years, you might find that it’s becoming increasingly more strenuous to do cardio or consistently play a sport. If frequently exercising makes you feel tired and sore, getting a massage chair to help reduce the drawbacks of living a more sedentary life is a great decision for your health. Massaging your muscles can reduce stiffness caused by lack of exercise, as well as maintaining your body’s flexibility and capacity to perform all the functions you need it to.

Encourages a Better Night’s Sleep

Although insomnia can strike anyone at any age, elderly people are more likely to find themselves waking up throughout the night with aches and pains or unable to get to sleep at all due to feelings of restlessness. All it takes is a relaxing few minutes spent in the massage chair before bed to help wind down your brain and release tension in your body. Some massage chairs even have bluetooth speakers so that you can listen to calming music during this time. Massages have been proven to increase serotonin levels in your brain, helping you to achieve a deep and restorative sleep.

Senior massage chair owners often claim that their chair has improved their lives dramatically. Even without turning the rollers on, it can serve as a comfortable place to recline and relax as an alternative to the bed. Most massage chairs can easily fit within a standard room at a nursing home or senior center, making it a perfect gift for your parent or grandparent. Purchasing a massage chair is an investment into your health and happiness, so if any of these benefits would positively impact you, you deserve to make that investment.