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Orthodontics, The Most Common Treatment In Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontics is one of the best cosmetic dentistry methods, which is applied to treat the teeth irregularity. In addition to the teeth arrangement, orthodontics makes your smile look more beautiful and prevents tooth decay. Irregular teeth may result in decay and damage to the surrounding tissue, which in the long term, causes more complications in the gastrointestinal tract and other nerve organs. Therefore, orthodontics is beneficial for a beautiful smile and dental problem prevention. We try to answer the FAQ’s on cosmetic dentistry in the rest of this article.

 Who Is An Orthodontist?

As we mentioned above, Orthodontics is a science that deals with the arrangement of crooked and irregular teeth or the following issues it can cause. In cosmetic dentistry, all dental students learn the basics of orthodontic treatment. However, some general dentist can continue their education specifically in the orthodontics field.

 Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

 The whole orthodontic appliance is divided into two parts:

_Fixed orthodontics

_Removable orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics is a standard treatment in cosmetic dentistry in which some brackets are attached to the tooth and cannot be removed by the patient, and he or she needs to go to the cosmetic dentist’s office to remove them. But Removable orthodontics is a method in which the patient can remove the relevant devices and replace them in the mouth again.

Nowadays, another orthodontics method has become popular in cosmetic dentistry, which is called invisible orthodontics. In this method, the orthodontist uses transparent plastic materials to straighten teeth, so that it does not negatively impact the patients’ beauty.

Fixed Orthodontics

 You should first get some information about both fixed and removable orthodontics to determine which one works best for you.

The dentist uses fixed orthodontics to treat the patient’s irregular teeth, as well as the removable one. But fixed orthodontics usually are more time-consuming and need the orthodontist’s high expertise. The orthodontist typically decides to use fixed orthodontics treatment for those whose teeth have worse conditions and are badly shaped. Fixed orthodontic treatment may take two or three years to complete.


Tips You Should Consider In Orthodontic Treatment:

Oral hygiene is the most crucial matter during orthodontic treatment. It is more difficult to brush and floss the teeth that have orthodontic appliances. On the other hand, patients can easily clean their teeth by following some special tips. The orthodontist typically explains the ways of brushing during the treatment. Here are some tips to follow during orthodontic treatment:

– Avoid chewing hard foods such as nuts, corn, and so on. You can grind the foods such as nut to prevent brackets breakage.

– Remember that the teeth are moving in the jawbone during orthodontic treatment, so they may slightly loosen, and you should never shake them vigorously. You should know it is temporary, and after the treatment, all the teeth will be firm in their original place.

– By using special toothbrushes, you can clean around the orthodontic brackets to prevent possible tooth decay.