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How Much Does It Cost to Go to Rehab in the UK?

Many people are put off going to rehab by the perceived costs of it, but how much do rehab clinics in the UK charge?

If you are one of the masses who doesn’t receive any treatment for an addiction, mental illness, or eating disorder, then this article is aimed specifically at you. Most people feel that rehab costs would be beyond them, and others don’t see it as a viable method of treating their condition. We are limited in belief here in the UK. We think that only an addict can use a rehab clinic when rehab clinics are ideally setup so that those with mental illnesses can attend too.

The next reason that we don’t check into rehab when we feel an addiction brewing, is because we are put off by the costs. Rehab clinics can run into the tens of thousands per weekly stay it’s true – but there are cheaper options that are more affordable for your average person. It doesn’t have to be a luxury accommodation; it just has to make you better.

Here’s all you need to know about the costs of rehab in the UK, and how you can find an affordable one.

What’s The Cheapest Rehab Option In The Uk?

First, we will start with the NHS options. If you use a rehab selection service, enter in a low budget service option. This will let you see a good array of cheaper rehab clinics in your area. You can use the checker to find out about Rehab Cost at Help4Addiction, who are one of the UK’s premier rehab selection services.

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The cheapest rehab in the UK will always be the NHS option. This combines a budget private rehab clinic with the support of NHS England and Wales. You will only qualify for this choice if you have attended all the other doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions that your GP asks you to attend. The NHS will only partially fund your rehab stay, and even then, only after you have proven that nothing else works.

NHS England and Wales can contribute a maximum of £1,400 per week’s stay at a rehab clinic. You will have to provide the rest of the costs. How much this will be depending on your own budget. Even the cheapest rehab clinic starts at £3,000 per week’s stay. It is advised that you stay in rehab for the first 28 days of recovery, to give yourself the best start.

How Much Does High End Rehab Cost?

You can get a midrange rehab clinic stay in the UK for around the £5,000 – £8,000 mark. Anything above this price range is moving into the luxury services. There are some rehab clinics who operate affordable luxury stays. A luxury rehab clinic costs upwards of £9,000 per week. Affordable Luxury rehabs are closer to the £7,000 mark. There are not many of them in the UK.

Whatever rehab clinic you choose, don’t be put off by the price. You can recover first and work out a payment plan. It will be the best investment you ever make.