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Clear Braces

Why More People Are Choosing Clear Braces Over Traditional Braces

Lately, it seems that more people are choosing clear braces for proper teeth alignment as opposed to the traditional braces. Let’s face it, nobody wants to wear metal braces for three or four years, and the thought of clear braces is appealing to anyone thinking about having this treatment done. Clear braces are less noticeable and look better in general. If you are also deciding between which one to choose, then keep reading.


Traditional braces made up of metal are highly noticeable and can affect an individual’s appearance. Hence, clear braces are preferred because they are invisible and do not cause a person to feel self-conscious. Clear braces are an ideal choice for people of all ages due to their reduced visibility and an especially good option for students in school, as the classroom can be a pace of bullying.


These have become more popular in Australia, and Dentist Bobby Chhoker can easily remove your clear braces and store them in a case when you want. This is in contrast to traditional braces, which you can’t always remove. Hence, these are super easy and efficient to use. If you feel uncomfortable, you can simply remove them. The option to remove clear braces would limit the amount of awkward moments in school and at work. Simply put them in when you are home, and take them out when you are in public. Most people will wear them to bed, and for many, that accounts for 8-10 hours of their day.

Reduces Food Restrictions

The food restrictions that come with traditional braces are more than clear braces. For example, you have to avoid chewy foods, nuts, hard vegetables, and sticky foods. You do not have as many restrictions with clear braces; plus, you can always remove them when you want. One of the worst parts of having braces is the food restriction. Nobody wants to be limited to what they can eat. You also don’t need to worry about food getting stuck in your teeth with clear braces; simply remove them, eat, and then put them back on.

Maintain Hygiene

It is easier to maintain and clean your clear braces rather than the traditional metal braces. Additionally, food tends to get stuck in the conventional braces, which won’t happen with clear braces. This makes it easier to maintain dental hygiene. Having the ability to take your clear braces out and soak them in a cleaning solution makes them an ideal choice for those concerned about maintaining proper oral hygiene. You will also want to brush them regularly to avoid bacteria build-up. Simply soak them in a mouthwash, then brush them as you would your teeth, and you will have a set of clean, clear braces to wear for the day.

These are some of the most significant reasons as to why more people are choosing clear braces over traditional braces for teeth alignment. You can begin by trying the clear braces to see if it suits your needs as they are easy to maintain and are incredibly effective. If they don’t work for you, you can always return to the dentist’s office and have metal braces put on.