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When Is the Right Time to Visit an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dental situations are not ignorable at all. When you face a dental emergency, the best thing to do is going to an emergency dental office. Making an appointment with an emergency dentist right after you face a dental emergency helps you manage the problem effectively unless it leads to permanent oral health issues that require costly treatments. When your tooth and gums get exposed to a trauma, such as an accident or a fall, a dental emergency occurs. A trusted emergency dentist from Dentist New West believes that some dental emergencies such as severe toothache indicate an underlying problem in your teeth or gums. In this case, only a visit to an emergency dentist will help you recognize the problem.

Some emergency dental cases include:

  • A knocked–out tooth due to an injury, accident or trauma that is associated with pain and bleeding.
  • A sudden and excruciating toothache that affects the surrounding teeth tooth.
  • bleeding gums for no specific reason, especially when brushing or flossing.

If you are experiencing such situations or similar to them, you shouldn’t kill time for getting proper emergency dental treatments in a trusted clinic. Sometimes the most developed dental techniques can save your tooth from a dental emergency if you don’t consider on-time dental services.

How Long Can You Wait for Visiting an Emergency Dentist?

When your tooth gets knocked out because of an accident, the best dental treatments will be beneficial within only an hour. It means that you should visit your emergency dentist without a second hesitation. If the dentist applies the proper emergency method at this time, s/he can save your natural tooth with a full recovery. The fact is that in the event of any dental emergency, the sooner you go to the emergency dental office, the better.

Facing a dental emergency seems scary to everyone. Many people avoid getting proper emergency dental treatments just because of the pain and bleeding associated with them. But letting the dental issues going untreated means the condition gets worse step by step until no therapy is effective anymore, and you will lose a tooth.


A dental emergency never informs you before its happening and, as a result, you won’t have enough time to schedule a dental appointment a few days before. People typically require getting emergency dental care at the unexpected and after-hours time. Same-day dental appointments are what emergency dental clinics offer for their patients’ comfort and peace of mind. Imagine contacting an emergency dental office for a knocked-out tooth, and staff makes you an appointment three days later! In this way, the issue gets worse, and you will lose your tooth for good.

What to Do in the Event of a Knocked-out Tooth 

In the event of a knocked-out tooth, you should first find your tooth and hold it by its crown. Remember that you should never touch the tooth root as the emergency dentist cannot save it anymore. It is better to keep your tooth moist in a glass of milk or possibly put it back in its socket until you visit your emergency dentist.