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What Remedies Can We Use For a Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess is usually one of the ignored issues which gradually turns into a severe problem. The patients usually refer to an emergency dental clinic when the dental abscess has been developed and made an unbearable pain. The majority of people do not have enough information about a dental abscess. They even wonder about a lot of home remedies they can use for this dental case. A dental specialist in an emergency dental office in Toronto claims that there are many home remedies people can use in case of pain before visiting an emergency dentist.  Here we will talk about the definition and remedies for the dental abscess.

A dental abscess occurs when there is a bacterial attack in the pulp chamber of the tooth. Pain from a tooth abscess is usually a different type of pain than a normal toothache. In case of an abscess, the pain will be constant and throbbing. An abscess is pus forming in the teeth tissues. It is actually the result of a bacterial infection. This dental issue affects the teeth and adjacent jaw tissue.

What Are The Factors That Cause Dental Abscess?

In most cases, poor and improper oral hygiene and dental care increase the risk of infected teeth. Bruxism, trauma, a high-sugar diet, and even previous dental work can put a person at tooth abscess risk. You have several options for relieving this pain, but it should be noted that home remedies do not address the root of the problem and most likely do not cure the abscess. These are just suggested when an emergency dental pain has started, and you cannot visit the emergency dentist immediately. They will help you in the short term, but they are not a substitute for going to the emergency dentist.

One of the most common home remedies is saltwater. Rinsing with salt water can help flush out bacteria and pus in the abscess. But most experienced and dedicated emergency dentists note that saltwater alone is not enough to cure the infection.


One of the other traditional and always suggested remedies is using clove oil. But do you know why and how? Eugenol is the active ingredient in clove oil which has beneficial anesthetic and antibacterial properties. Applying a small amount of clove oil to the site of a tooth abscess can temporarily numb the area and relieve your pain. But clove oil has several drawbacks. It can smell strong and accidentally spread to other parts of your mouth. Besides, if you accidentally consume large amounts of clove oil, you may need to travel to the emergency room. Excessive swallowing can lead to various symptoms such as sore throat, shallow breathing, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat.

Baking soda is another useful way to relieve symptoms, which is easily available in your kitchen. It has excellent properties for removing plaque in the mouth. It is also supposed to have antibacterial properties. It can be used by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a saltwater rinse mixture. The mixture should be swirled in the mouth for 5 minutes. This remedy can be repeated two or three times a day.