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What Is The Procedure Of Mesotherapy Treatment To Remove Acne And Pimples Scars?

Acne and pimples are major cosmetic challenges faced by millions if not billions of people worldwide. Some people may have normal recovery of acne or pimple but for others, scars may be left after the acne or pimples disappear. The scars can be made worse if the person’s skin is exposed to a harsh environment like too much exposure to sunlight, air pollution and smokes and lack of drinking water.

Treating acne and pimple scars can be difficult with just topical application of creams and lotions. This is because the scars are as a result of lack of water retention under the skin together with missing/few collagen and elastin. The latter two are important for maintaining skin turgidity and elastic skin.

For a better way to treat acne and pimple scars, the skin needs to be rejuvenated from within and this calls for a method known as mesotherapy in the aesthetics field.

What Is Mesotherapy And How It Works?

Mesotherapy is a procedure of injecting cocktails of beneficial skin enhancers under the skin layer. The procedure involves sticking a micro-needle under the scar or wrinkle area about 1-4 mm in depth. This is the layer between the uppermost part of the skin, epidermis, and dermis. The solution injected consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones and maybe antibiotics. The solution itself differs in ingredients, concentrations and preparations from one clinic to another.

With the injection of plenty of beneficial chemicals, it is believed to help promote collagen and elastin production while also cause the blood vessel supplying the skin to be more dilated and permeable for efficient recruitment of repairing cells.

Is Mesotherapy Effective? Does It Hurt And What About Downtime?

There is only one study that really looked at the effectiveness of mesotherapy but more data is needed and many research still has to be conducted. Mesotherapy is yet to have the United States FDA approval but the solutions used in mesotherapy are safe to be used according to the FDA. People going for mesotherapy will need several sessions to be able to see the desired outcome.

Since the procedure involves injecting a needle under the skin, there will be an uncomfortable sensation felt by the patient but it is generally not painful. Unlike any other therapy for scar removal, mesotherapy does not have a downtime. The patient is required to come to the clinic several times for the treatment preferably 7 days apart from each treatment.

What To Do After The Therapy?

Like any other skincare treatment, proper care of the skin post-treatment is essential to maintain a long-lasting desired looking skin. Proper skincare includes good hydration, application of sunscreen when going outside, use of moisturizer/toner and regular gentle self-massage to the face. Besides acne and pimple scars, mesotherapy is also useful for other skin conditions like the elimination of wrinkles such as the forehead wrinkles and “Crow’s feet” wrinkles.

In summary, mesotherapy is a good choice for people with acne and pimple scars to have an elastic and scar-free face. Mesotherapy for acne can be done by an expert aesthetician with excellent result.