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Top Tips For Icy Driving Conditions

It’s cold outside. Parts of the UK are experiencing record snow falls… again. And, the freezing temperatures everywhere mean that driving can be hazardous. Ice is no friend to any car or driver; however, polarised sunglasses can make a real difference. Polarised lenses block glare making it easier to see when sunlight is reflected off an icy road, and the good news is that this technology has been around for a long time now, so has been refined and almost perfected. Many different brands, from RayBan to Gucci, Polaroid to Oakley sunglasses now produce them, so you’re spoiled for choice! Without a doubt, visibility is important, but there’s a lot more you can do to raise your ice awareness. Here are a few for starters:

Stay inflated – make sure your tyres are inflated before you start.

Unexpected hazards – look for changes in road elevation, ice patches thrive at the bottom of a hill.

windshield.jpg (2400×1350)

Bridge beware – whether you’re going over a bridge or passing under one, watch for ice.

Shade alert – trees and building along a road can create shade – and there’s more chance that ice will cling to the road where it’s shady.

Lone car – when there’s no other traffic, you’re more liked to encounter ice.

High gear – If you have a manual transmission, stay in the highest possible gear – the wheels will be less likely to skid.  Use the gear shift rather than the brakes to slow your car.

For more advice on driving in severe weather, visit the Highways Agency site and, when in doubt, stay home and stay safe.