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Personalized Vitamins Aimed at Anxiety Issues

Anxiety has become a fixture in many people’s lives.  The pandemic and its resulting economic disruption have contributed to rising anxiety levels, but there are plenty of other reasons for spiraling anxiety levels.  Modern life is frenetic; and we are overwhelmed with information and options for action.  It is a constant maze of decisions, and many people are struggling to cope.  It turns out there are some great supplements for anxiety and stress.

The challenge is that the vitamin formula for each person is not the same, and it must be personalized to an individual’s profile.  Simply because your neighbor says that she found an amazing vitamin for stress does not mean it is right for your needs.  We all have different diets, lifestyles, demographics, and health concerns.

Fortunately, there has been a rise in personalized vitamin brands that can help you sort through the options.  These companies will do an upfront assessment to determine your vitamin needs.  You will take a 5-10 minute survey complete with questions on food intake, exercise methods, health conditions, medications, and more to get your personalized recommendations.

Which Vitamins Work for Anxiety?

Marvelous Magnesium is high on the list of anxiety supplements that work.  This important mineral plays many roles in the body, primarily in helping nerves and muscles to function optimally.  So how does magnesium also work as a supplement for muscle pain?   Magnesium helps muscles, including those in your blood vessels to relax.  Yes, we said relax.  Just like you need to!  We can’t underplay the helpfulness of this supplement for stress and anxiety.

UnBElievable Bs are a group of B vitamins that also factor into the anxiety equation.  They are most important in helping nerve function properly and this often means relaxing nerves that are overly keyed up.  Sounds like just what you need?

Vitamin D has by no means been proven as a vitamin to take for stress or anxiety.  Regardless we would like to suggest that it may play a role.  But indulge us on this for a moment.  Science has shown that Vitamin D deficiency is linked with low levels of serotonin.  Serotonin is one of the main chemicals in your brain where low levels is known to cause depression and anxiety.  It does not take an M.D degree to see the connection.  Thus, we think it’s safe to suggest that taking a safe amount of vitamin D is a good idea for those looking for a supplement for anxiety.  And it’s a good idea for most of us to take some vitamin D for many reasons.

Personalized Vitamins

Finding your Personalized Vitamin to Meet Anxiety Challenges

The retailers do not make this easy.  Several overcrowded aisles of vitamins and supplements are difficult to navigate.  Clicking through hundreds of pages of vitamin search results in an online marketplace is not the optimal solution.  Navigation is required, and few companies have a medical-vetted process to help with vitamin shopping navigation.  You need to find a company that has credible medical professionals involved and has a process that clearly points to a daily formula in line with your anxiety needs.

It is important to be wary of online personalized vitamin sites that overprescribe pills.  You should not be taking 10+ daily pills and powders to improve your health.  And paying for all of those supplements.  No matter how cute the packet with your name printed on it, it is never worth it to overpay for too many vitamins.  The trick is to find a simple solution like a customized all-in-one supplement.  These highly crafted products will likely lower your cost and pill load, making long-term adherence a realistic possibility.  You already have enough to worry about in modern life; the cost of vitamins should not add to that list, they should ameliorate your anxiety levels.  Discover your preferred personalized vitamin brand, and never wander the vitamin aisles again.