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INFINI Premium Filler B Body – Best Companion to Model Your Body Surface

To fight the ageing appearance and to enhance your body surface you should correct the fine lines and saggy skin in your body. In recent years there is a growing demand for any non-surgical procedures to keep your appearance youthful. How to avoid the ageing appearance without any surgical methods? You can achieve it just by using INFINI Premium Filler. You heard it right! Technological innovations in cosmetology allows you to regain your youthful look long-lasting. Injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a type of dermal filler that is naturally found throughout our body with its highest concentration in joints, eyes and skin. Hyaluronic acid attracts water which makes our body skin to be hydrated. As a consequence of ageing the reduction of HA volume in our body can cause folds, wrinkles in face. On contrary there are some people who have lost their weight with liposuction treatments which might have led to inequalities of volume in their body.  To control the effects of ageing and to even out the volume in your body for a perfect body surface INFINI Premium Filler B Body acts as best companion to regain what you have lost in body shape.

What is INFINI Premium Filler B Body?

INFINI Premium Filler B Body is primarily a gel with cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid specially designed to inject your uneven body surface with the increase in body tissue for a perfect model body. INFINI Premium Filler B Body also contours silhouette in areas such as buttocks, calves, or hands.

What Are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Used For?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers being versatile in nature can be effectively used to achieve different goals of volume correction from face to whole body. Biologically, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers plays a vital role in hydrating your tissue, lubricating joints, improving immune system and repairing tissue. It acts as a natural skin barrier for your skin. Because of it is molecular structure Hyaluronic Acid can be used as non-permanent soft tissue filler. The unique physical properties of Hyaluronic Acid help to serve as dermal filler with a track of record in safety and effectiveness. Over a period of time Hyaluronic Acid dissolves and is excreted through the body.

INFINI Premium Filler B Body – Product information:

INFINI Premium Filler B Body has physiological pH and osmolarity and gradual resorption. INFINI Premium Filler B Body is usually placed in scaled pre-filled syringe with a 10ml luer-lock connector.

INFINI Premium Filler B Body – Package details:

INFINI Premium Filler B Body package has a leaflet stating the instructions to be followed while using the product. To ensure complete product identification for any medical records self-adhesive labels with batch numbers are provided along with the package.

What are the features of INFINI Premium Filler B Body?

*The cross-linked technology ensures the uniformity of Hyaluronic acid gel

*Viscous nature allows a great filing capacity to induce volume

*Elasticity nature of the filler offers a natural and youthful look

* Non-allergenic

*high tissue biocompatibility

* Non-Surgical

* Easy to inject within 30 minutes of time

* Limited side-effects or inflammation

How does it work?

INFINI Premium Filler B Body gel is injected directly into the skin through a needle or cannula to restore lost volume, to smoothen wrinkles, to contour the silhouette areas by adding volume and plumpness. The results are visible immediately once injected.

How will be the results after injecting?

INFINI Premium Filler Body offers an outstanding increase in volume thus providing a visible volumetric correction results. Enhancement will be made in accordance with the degree of your desire. Visibility and durability of the effect depends on the depth to which INFINI Premium Filler Body is applied and the original condition of the skin. To increase the volume and to regain the smoothening effect results from high content of cured hyaluronic acid and its ability to bind water is desirable.

How long does it last?

INFINI Premium Filler B Body injected to larger areas of the body to increase the volume can last up 6 to 8 months as it is gradually resorbable. To consolidate the effect of correction and to maintain body shape it is recommended to use the fillers at regular intervals.

Why INFINI Premium Filler B Body stands out from other fillers?

The physical and chemical properties of hyaluronic acid can be altered to different particle size and the degree of cross linking which determines the consistency and viscosity of the gel. These variations made account for effectiveness and longevity of INFINI Premium Filler B Body filler.

Infini M 1x1ml - VIDA SRL Laboratory | Centrale Fillers

Is there any side effects?

When injected by a medical professional INFINI Premium Filler B Body with Hyaluronic Acid is quite safe. Side effects are minimal with this contouring technique and subside soon which includes:

* Discomfort

* Redness, swelling and bruising

* Mild itching or rashes

Some of serious side effects which may require medical attention include:

* Infection – from non-sterile injections

* Nodules – reaction from local tissue

* Filler migration or poor aesthetics – as a result of poor injection technique by and inexperienced provider

* Injury to blood vessels – if the gel is accidently injected into a blood vessel causing death of a tissue or blindness on the formation of clots and may move to the blood vessels which supply the eyes.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the treatment depends on the number of syringes used, the size of your treatment area, your geological area and your provider’s fees. Repeating INFINI Premium Filler B Body treatment may require the same quantity or slightly less than the initial volume. Some providers may offer discounts on regular and repeated treatment.

INFINI Premium Filler B Body:

Dansys, with 13 years of expertise in leading medical equipment distributors serves the brand INFINI. With a blend of innovation and technology INFINI’s Premium Filler B Body can correct any deformation of volume in your body. Is your patient looking to reduce the silhouette or uneven volume in their body?  It’s time to help them with this non-surgical solution. Connect with us, to find more information related to INFINI Premium Filler B Body.