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How to Clean Burnt Steel Utensils?

Are you fed up scrubbing that burnt steel Kadai and want to get rid of it anyway! If yes, then don’t worry, we have a method on how to clean burnt steel utensils. These easy ways to clean burnt utensils will save your energy and time!

Methods we have are homemade, so you can easily find these things in your house and clean the utensil.

Tips for Cleaning the Burnt Tawa- 

  • Wine– you will be surprised to know that this drink can be a good stain remover. To clean your burnt utensil, you have to pour the wine on the burnt surface. Leave the utensil with it for some time. In that time, you will see that stain will slowly start withering away. After some time, wash the utensil, and it will be all clean!

An aged wine acts somewhat like vinegar; hence it softens the burnt stain and makes it easy to remove it.

  • Onion– onion is easily available in your home. It is used in many things, from cooking to treating disease. It has many benefits, and you may not know, but onion can easily remove the burnt stain from Kadai or tawa.

Fill the burnt utensil with water and keep 5-6 onion skin in it. Close the lid of the utensil and boil it for 20-30 minutes. Now clean the vessel with normal soap; you will see the magic!

  • Salt– another great way to remove burnt stain from a vessel is by using salt. All you need to do is boil the water in a burnt vessel and add enough salt to it. Let the burnt stain wither way. Also, while scrubbing, add some salt, and you will be easily able to get rid of the burnt stain.
  • Vinegar– vinegar is a very useful ingredient in your kitchen. It adds tanginess to the dishes and helps lose weight. But do you know it also does a great job to get rid of burnt stain from steel utensils? Yes, this option of acetic acid and trace chemical does a great job in fighting sticky burnt stains on the utensil.
  • Hot water– hot water is one of the simplest ways to get rid of burnt stains from a Kadai. Whenever you burn food, immediately add hot water to a burnt pot or keep the pot with water to boil. It will loosen up the burnt stains, and it will be easy to clean them.

Therefore, try these tricks at home, and you will never feel tired when cleaning a vessel. Vinod cookware brings a range of nonstick utensils like nonstick steel Tawa and Kadai. When you make any dishes in them, you will not face issues like the burning of food. And they are very easy to clean.

Cooking in burnt Kadai or Tawa has the drawback that it ruins the food’s taste and quality. But you can also get the nonstick utensils by Vinod cookware and cook delicious food without compromising the taste and quality of the food.