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Alcohol Addiction – How To Help Yourself Or A Loved One?

Have you noticed that you or a loved one have an increased tolerance to alcohol? Do you reach for it more willingly and more often, also when you want to cure a hangover from the previous day? Do you see drinking as a way to have fun, cope with boredom, gain self-confidence? Do you have short memory lapses after drinking or behaviors that you feel ashamed of after sober up? Any situation that might suggest that your problem is alcoholism requires a stop and an analysis.

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How to help when your friend, partner, child, parent is addicted to alcohol? Make sure you don’t pretend you don’t see the problem! Don’t be put off by unreliable translations, be vigilant. Buried empty alcohol bottles, bad breath and attempts to mask it with mint candies, secretly buying beer or wine, or even drinking it in a hurry outside the home, avoiding driving a car as a driver – these are just some of the signs that a loved one has a problem with alcohol abuse. Perhaps she notices it and understands its seriousness, but she is not able to deal with it on her own and she certainly needs your support.

Treatment Of Alcoholism – Rehab And Psychotherapy

Not everyone agrees that alcoholism is a disease. However, you have to face the truth – alcoholism treatment is essential to tackle this problem successfully. It can take place in several steps, but it is rarely possible on its own, without professional support.

It is only after rehab, as well as by participating in private and group sessions, that the chances of a cure for alcoholism increase. However, you remain an alcoholic for life, so you need to celebrate each day of winning the fight over addiction. In order for the problem of alcohol addiction not to return, it takes a lot of willpower, support and understanding from loved ones, as well as being under the care of a trusted psychologist. Group AA sessions are also popular.

Why Do You Need to Treat Alcoholism?

Do you think that regular drinking is nothing like that, after all, everyone does it and you can only harm yourself? This is a huge mistake! It is worth starting the treatment of alcoholism for the sake of yourself – your well-being and health, but also for your relatives.

addiction affects not only the drinker, but also his family (hence the ACA syndrome – adult children of alcoholics – a term used to refer to mature people who grew up in pathological families with an alcohol problem),

drinking destroys the body – alcohol consumed in large amounts disturbs concentration, weakens memory, contributes to the development of heart, kidney and liver diseases, causes cardiovascular disorders,

alcoholism ruins private and professional life, leads to bankruptcy and borrowing.

These and many other problems affect families with alcoholism. Therefore, in the fight against addiction, the best motivation should not only be your own good, but also taking care of your loved ones – children and partner.

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How Does Psychotherapy Help Fight Alcoholism?

Before an addict goes to a psychologist, he must first realize that he has a problem. Contrary to appearances, admitting to others and to yourself, “Yes, I am an alcoholic” is a huge but extremely difficult first step. Did you make it? Or maybe you heard such a challenge from a loved one? It is a call for help and allows you to sign up for psychotherapy.

The course of treatment itself largely depends on the type of alcoholic seeking therapy. Over the years, researchers have observed at least several different varieties of the disease, depending on the triggers. These include alpha alcoholism (for people who cannot cope with stress), beta alcoholism (addiction is the result of the influence exerted by the patient’s environment), and gamma alcoholism (loss of control over one’s behavior and tendency to outbursts of aggression). There are also varieties such as delta alcoholism (inability to abstain from drinking), epsilon alcoholism (getting drunk until completely drunk), and finally zeta alcoholism (alcohol abuse).


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