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Where are the Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Colombia?

There are a lot of factors we have to consider when buying property, especially in a country like Colombia. This South American nation has become one of the favorite places for investors to acquire houses and apartments. But what is the reason behind it? We have three possible answers: historic value, strategic location, and luxury.

Property in Colombia is usually characterized by those three factors, which transform every option you may find into a great opportunity to earn money, or just to enjoy your life.

Here, we are going to show you the most expensive places to buy property in Colombia, so you can have an idea of where to get the most impressive but luxurious houses and apartments in the country.


In Barranquilla, you can find El Prado. This is the zone that welcomed the first urban development project of the country, so it offers deluxe and valuable property to investors and people in general.

El Prado has a lot of bars, important parks, including el Parque Santander, and entertainment venues. So, it is a good place to live in, which make it even more expensive. A house there can be bought for 900 million pesos, although you can find some around 350-500 million pesos.


This is another of the most popular places to live in Colombia. Generally speaking, it is not quite expensive. However, located in the south of the city, you can find Ciudad Jardin. This town is characterized by having large country areas and important business zones.

Besides, it is well-known for being a college sector -meaning that it has a lot of important universities and institutes that encourage students to move there. An apartment in Ciudad Jardin can cost 2.500 million pesos if it is elegant and valuable.


We can say that Medellín is one of the cheapest places to live in Colombia due to its low prices when it comes to acquire food or rent a house. Many films have been shot here.  However, it has a town called “El Poblado” that is considered as one of the most exclusive zones of the country. You can find luxurious departments in some areas that are also near to leisure and business places, giving them even more value.

The price for houses and departments is under 4 million Colombian pesos per square meter, but you can find some alternatives that cost up to 5.000 million pesos.


Buy Property in Colombia

The city capital of Colombia also offers great opportunities to buy property. While the overall price of the square meter is about 4 million Colombian pesos, there are exclusive and costly houses and other buildings that are sold at prices that go from 15 to 17 million pesos.

Chicó Norte and La Cabrera are the most expensive places to live en Botogá, and property prices there are based on factors such as exclusivity in some zones of the city, strategic location (if they are near to schools, malls, and businesses), and impressive designs.


As we said, one is the things that make property in Colombia gain value in the real state market is historic value, and Cartagena is the perfect example of it. The square meter of renewed residences or buildings can cost up to 18 million Colombian pesos.

Property in Cartagena could be as expensive and elegant as houses and departments in Miami, but the reason behind such a high price is the patrimonial significance that architecture projects have there.

There are a lot of options for people to buy property in Colombia, and that is another attraction that the country offers to investors and people who want to know its culture. Every person, regardless of their tastes, can find something really good there.