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What Is Reflexology and What Are the Benefits?

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique which involves the application of pressure on specific reflex points on the hands, face, and feet. Most modern reflexology, however, focuses on the feet and aims to help improve the patient’s mental, emotional and physical condition as well as relieve chronic health conditions. There are many cases where specific points on the feet become sensitive to slight pressure if people have certain health issues. Regular sessions of professional Reflexology therapy can help in re-balancing your body and mind and ensure your gradual recovery from injury or illness.

With that in Mind, we are Going to Take a Look at Some of the Benefits you will Get from Reflexology Sessions:

Better Flow Of Vital Energy – Reflexology is based on a theory that vital energy flows within and just outside our body. The congestion of energy flow will cause mental and physical issues and, if this condition occurs for a period of time, this congestion can lead to illness. Reflexology helps to unblock energy flow and ensures that your body remains in an optimum condition.

Better Sleep – after a long, busy day at work, reflexology therapy can help you to feel relaxed. Lower stress levels help to calm the mind which in turn induces deeper and more restful sleep. For people who have chronic sleep problems, such as insomnia, foot reflexology message can make them sleep easier and longer. Regular reflexology sessions may completely cure insomnia and improve well-being.

Lower Blood Pressure- stress is a risk factor of hypertension. If poorly managed, high blood pressure may cause various health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and kidney diseases. Studies have found that reflexology effectively lowers the level of systolic blood pressure. Combined with a healthy diet, stress management, and regular physical exercises, reflexology is a good solution for hypertension.

Focus On Central Nervous System- your central nervous system affects all parts of your body. Pressure applied on the feet, ears, hands, and face send calming signals directly to the brain from peripheral nerves. Your brain will respond in the correct manner and internal organs will function more optimally. A healthy central nervous system positively affects your immune, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, and cognitive functions of your body.

Reduce Pain- pain is a subjective condition produced by our brain and a response to external or internal triggers. Reflexology therapy is a wonderful way to ease pain and discomfort, often resolving it at a deeper level so that you can enjoy your life and activities once again.

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