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Emergency Dental Care

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Severe toothache is annoying in a way that probably interrupts your routine life. Unfortunately, many people don’t take these dental pains seriously and prefer not to visit an emergency dentist. However, you should know that severe dental pain that persists for two or three days is a sign of a dental emergency and may worsen without appropriate treatment. An Oakville emergency dentist claims that dental emergencies are much more probable to treat if they are diagnosed in the early stages unless they lead to complicated and permanent health problems that require costly treatments.

Dealing with severe dental pain is not as easy as staying at home and taking over-the-counter pain killers. When facing an excruciating toothache calling an emergency dentist for urgent dental care is of the essence. Have you ever experienced toothache when traveling or at night when sleeping? In this case, you don’t have to wait until the day of your visit arrives. Instead, you can refer to an emergency dental clinic and request after-hours dental appointments.

What Is Emergency Dental Care? 

When you face a dental problem that requires urgent dental care, it is a dental emergency. In other words, emergency dental care is considered that immediate dental attention through which a dentist manages your dental problem. There should always be a way to relieve your severe toothache, and the emergency dentist tries to find the best one. Dental emergencies mostly may end up in tooth loss and the need for treatments such as dental implants. However, by considering on-time and appropriate emergency dental care, you can increase the chances of saving your tooth to a great extent.

Do You Have to Pay More for Emergency Dental Care?

The cost you will pay for emergency dental care depends highly on the type of treatment you get. Your insurance type is effective on the price too, as some insurance companies don’t cover emergency dental care and have to pay the whole money yourself. Sometimes you may undergo a more expensive treatment for an emergency dental case, but it is worth the money you pay if you save a natural tooth that functions as usual for a lifetime.

Emergency Dental Care

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental problems do exist, but dental emergencies are pretty different. As we mentioned above, dental emergencies require urgent dental care while you can wait for the day of your dental appointment for common dental problems. In addition, dental emergencies require a visit to an emergency dentist as they are fully aware of the dangers threatening your tooth.

Many dental emergencies are associated with severe pain, infection, and bleeding. Here we mention some of the most common signs of a dental emergency:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Soft tissue infection accompanied with pain and swelling
  • Trauma to the jawbone or an injury to your oral organs

If you have faced any of these signs, you should never hesitate to contact an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies may even come with vomiting, high fever, dizziness, or difficulty breathing, making the situation worse.