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Types of Therapy: What’s Available & Which Is Right for You?

People hear the word ‘therapy’ and they tend to lump it all together. It’s getting help for the good of one’s mental health. This is true, but it’s also worth mentioning that different types of therapy exist. Some people have problems with boundaries while others set high expectations for themselves (and their loved ones). Some have relationship problems and want a therapist to help. You wouldn’t go to a heart specialist for a broken foot, so make sure you see the right therapist. Just some examples include relationship, boundaries, high expectations, stress, perfectionism, codependency, and burnout therapy. Let’s dig into each as examples!

Boundaries are a funny thing because they’re something you have with each person in your life yet something you don’t recognize until there’s a problem. This therapy is like boundary boot camp, helping individuals flex their limits and master the art of self-preservation. It’s a boundary superhero that tackles the underlying villains of low self-esteem and fear of rejection. So, say goodbye to weak boundaries and hello to a stronger, wittier you.

Don’t say it too loud – this type of therapy comes with a reputation and people see it as a sign that a relationship is ending. This isn’t the case at all. This therapy is like a dynamic duo workout, where both partners flex their communication skills, tackle conflicts, and power up their relationship as a whole.

Great expectations can sometimes pave the way for anxiety, stress, and burnout. But fear not. A therapist in Minnetonka is here to help you master the art of balance and keep your sanity intact. Embrace the magic of managing expectations and conquer the chaos of life. Make an appointment with a pro and you’ll talk about potential perfectionism and other causes of high expectations and how they affect you.

You get home from a tiring day of work and still have a million and one things to do (we hear you!). But there’s a difference between everyday stress and chronic stress. Stress, the ultimate mischief-maker. It sneaks in through work, school, relationships, and whatnot. But don’t worry. Stress therapy is here to the rescue. It’s all about mastering the art of stress management and discovering quirky ways to keep calm. And hey, therapists can even dig into those hidden stressors that fuel the fire. Let’s tame this stress beast together.

This one is linked to the high expectations we mentioned earlier, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention. This therapy is all about giving perfectionism a run for its money. Pros help individuals find a healthier, more balanced approach to goals and expectations. No more striving for flawlessness; let’s embrace progress and imperfections along the way.

Asking someone to get some eggs on the way home is fine, but relying on someone for happiness can be challenging for all involved. Unhealthy relationships and a lack of independence? No thanks. Codependency therapy: where we master the art of self-esteem, boundaries, and meeting emotional needs like a legend.

Burnout: when stress hits you like a ton of bricks, leaving you physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. Burnout therapy is here to tackle those root causes and equip you with some serious coping mechanisms. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a brighter, stress-free future. Getting the right help can encourage people to put themselves first once in a while and find a balance they can finally enjoy (hooray!).

See a legendary therapist and overcome life’s challenges with a smile!