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Modafinil Side Effects – The Prescription Drug No One Talks About

Having to work long hours makes you exhausted and even depressed when you realize you can’t get everything in time. You feel like working non-stop and there’s still no advancing in your position and pay raise.

That’s because the amount of work you do is just as much as your bosses expect you to do. You need to do more and be less stressed after it. It seems like an impossible task, but in reality, there’s an answer to this and a lot of people are using it.

This solution is called Modafinil. It is the only way to get everything done and still be able to live your life normally. How do you think your boss manages to write those e-mails at 3 AM? They take drugs that make them smarter and be able to achieve more than the average working person.

Everyone that got into this story before and understood that there’s a solution for their problem, asked if it is legal and safe. The answer to both questions is – Yes. It is legal, and it’s completely safe. Lots of people use it every day and they experience no problems whatsoever.

However, some side effects do exist and some people may experience them. If you’re about to get some of it, you need to be aware of them before start using the drug. Check out this link to learn about it in details.

Some of the normal side effects are insomnia, faster heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea, etc. These are all normal side effects that might occur. Still, it is best if you consult a doctor and see if this is something that you can take, or you need to quit using Modafinil right away.

But what is this drug anyway? How it works, who made it? Learn more about it next!

What is Modafinil?

This is a drug that was first created in Europe around 50 years ago. French scientists made it in the 1970s in the try to treat narcolepsy patients. They made an excellent product and they found a way to help these people.

The drug manages to keep people awake for enough time for them to finish all the daily activities and go to bed before the narcolepsy strikes. For those that don’t how this condition works – narcolepsy is a neurological disorder of the brain where it is isn’t able to recognize when it is time to sleep and when it’s not. The brain simply shuts down whenever it feels like it needs some rest.

Patients can sleep for just a few seconds and up to several minutes. This is enough for them to be unable to do the normal and regular daily activities like work, operating vehicles, even walking down the street. The drug manages to make them awake for the entire time.

Even then, scientists didn’t find any side effects that might make the situation worse. As we said, some health issues might occur, but that is nothing compared to what these people have to cope with every day. See more about narcolepsy here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/narcolepsy/causes/.

Who uses this drug?

People with narcolepsy are the main clientele because they can’t do without it. Daily consumption is mandatory for them. This just proves that it is safe and there’s nothing to worry about.

Others who find benefit from it are people working in shifts. It’s really hard handling different working hours because the body and the mind have a hard time adjusting the irregularity. Some people only work the late-night shift they also have a hard time because our brain is programmed to fall asleep when the night falls.

Modafinil can regulate the sleep-wake cycle. After some time of using it, the brain will be able to do this more easily and even a smaller dose will be just enough.

Also, people who need to be fully concentrated and focused on something during the working day find a lot of benefit from this. Scientists found out that Modafinil does not just help the brain to stay awake but it affects the nerves by making them work with full capacity.

This means whenever you consume the drug, you become more capable of doing whatever you were doing previously. That’s why some call it the smart pill. It makes people achieve a lot more than they actually do.

Where to get it?

Since this is a legal drug, you can easily find it in the pharmacy. However, you can’t just buy it over the counter. You’ll need a prescription for it. If you’re narcoleptic and the doctors realize it, you won’t have a problem getting one. If you work in shifts and you need something to make it through the problem, you still will be able to get one. But if you explain that you want to stimulate your brain, you’ll most probably be declined.

Don’t worry, there’s another solution. It’s called ordering over the internet. Through the specialized web pages selling this drug, you can not just get the same thing, but you can get it at a better price. Check out pricing here. The same pill can be ordered online without any questions asked and you can use it on your own responsibility.


With everything we said above, it’s clear that the side effects are meaningless. Even if there are some, you can still use the drug at your own risk.

However, it’s better if you ask your primary care doctor to give you the allowance for this, but even if they don’t you can be sure that there’s no great risk of having some by yourself.

Look up the internet and see some reviews about who’s the best seller out there. Make sure you don’t get some of the fake products and placebo pills. Order only from sellers who are proven to have quality products.

Don’t worry if you find the drug under different names. There are lots of trade names for the same thing. However, it’s best if you get the original and some of the most famous ones.