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Looking for Private Fertility Clinic in London? First Know More

If you and your partner are planning to have a baby and you are not able to conceive pregnancy due to any reason or are having miscarriages, then you should go for a fertility test. Fertility test should be done on both the male and the female to make sure where the real problem lies. To get a fertility test you need to go through a couple of tests irrespective of the gender.

Some basic testing might be done by your regular gynecologist, but if there’s something which the doctor thinks might be bothering, he will refer you to a urologist. Where a proper fertility test will be performed.

How Often Infertility Occurs

Statistics have shown that for people who are infertile, 25% of them have more than one reason for infertility.

Fertility Test for Women

Not every woman going through a pregnancy issue has to go for a fertility test. Your symptoms will direct you if the test is required or not obviously also your doctor`s recommendation. A women’s fertility test may include: Basic gynecological test, STDs testing, Blood testing for the examination of hormones released by the body. Hormones including LH and FSH, Blood test during periods to check the level of progesterone released, Ultrasound to check if ovulation is taking place and many other tests.

Fertility Test for Men

The complete semen analysis is the fertility test done on men. The one has to give the sample of semen to the lab for the testing. Usually, semen testing is required but in serious cases some more test is required like: General examination by urologist, Blood test to check hormonal balance, STDs testing, Ultrasound, to examine seminal vessels and scrotum, Urine testing and many other tests

After Testing

After you have got the results of the tests you may go and see the gynecologist/urologist. He/she will examine the report if further testing is needed you will be recommended with it. And if the tests done are enough to rot out the problem then immediate medication/treatment will be started.

If you are living in the United Kingdom and are facing birth issues or any other kind of issue related to birth control, these centers are made for you. Private fertility clinic London has many specialists based, where all kinds of testing and treatment is done. Never hesitate going to them and start your beautiful family.