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How has Lockdown Affected your Immune System?

These days everyone is practicing social distancing via staying indoors because of the strict Lockdown in this pandemic. Are you facing the weakened immune system issue during Lockdown?  Many of you may have spent so many weeks in quarantine protecting yourself from corona without noticing any diet or physical activity. It would be common to many of you, so here in this blog, we will share some tips and tricks to treat the affected immune system. Take a look

What Symptoms made the Immune System Weak in Lockdown?

Repetitive Cold and Infections

Repetitive cold and infections were common in the Lockdown because of the COVID-19. It’s common to catch these infections within 7-10 days, but people who are having these repeatedly then probably have a weak immune system. The majority of people had this during Lockdown.

Autoimmune Disease

These diseases occur with low immune system activity, and when you find the body overactive, it starts damaging tissues called autoimmune diseases. Do you know these diseases reduce the body’s ability to deal with certain infections? It may lead you to an affected immune system.

Blood Disorders

Common blood disorders are among the worst indications of a weak immune system because they cause anaemia, blood clots, and blood cancers. This all happens when you have an immune system with poor functioning.

Organ Inflammation

Inflammation also slows down the immune system, and it occurs due to injured tissues by heat, trauma and other causes. Damaged body tissues lead you to inflammation which is the symptom of the poor health of the immune system.

Skin Rashes

When your body is unable to fight against germs, then it also shows a flawed immune system. Skin is the first barrier of the body. Skin appearance shows how well your immune system is. Everyone should know dry skin is a sign of inflammation, so if you have dry skin and inflammation, it indicates a weakened immune system.

Problematic Digestive System

The digestive system causes problems to health and numerous diseases trigger by the digestive system. Microorganism must be in your gut to defend the body from several infections to support the immune system. People who are having constipation, bloating, and diarrhea would indicate a poor immune system. Lockdown caused the flawed digestive system of everyone that has impacted the immune system.

High Stress

Yes, Lockdown has given too much stress to everyone because of numerous situations happening to everyone. Frequent stress triggers so many diseases, and most of the time it leads to death as well. The immune system needs to function properly because if it won’t be working fine, then stress causes inflammation and reduces the formation of white blood cells that cause tissue destruction and infections.

Boost your Immune System with the Following Ways

People who are depressed and socially isolated would face so many issues with the immune system, and everyone should focus on the following things to boost the health of immunity.

Quit Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol and drug intake won’t make your immune system healthy and strong so leave it immediately because it will ruin health. Take the help of an alcohol rehabilitation program to get yourself out of this. You would get treatment under the supervision of professional doctors.

These are the few ways in which Lockdown has affected the immune system. We have also shared tips to boost the immune system and make it strong. Don’t avoid proper diet intake for a healthy digestive system because it leads you towards certain complications for not having strong immunity. Get the help of professional care who would suggest what to opt for and what to avoid.

Get Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be acquired from sunshine because the body produces it when exposed to sunlight. Living indoors causes low levels of vitamin D during this quarantine period. Let me add one thing: vitamin D boosts immunity and the daily amount of vitamin D must be in adults is 600IU per day. You won’t get its sufficient amount from food so if you are facing lower levels of vitamin D then take recommendations from the doctor for supplements.

Take Proper Sleep

Everyone should have proper sleep of 7-8 hours and avoid stressful activities before bed. Deprived sleep won’t let you do any productive thing the next day at the workplace. Distract yourself at least 30 minutes before screen time. Less sleep will affect your immune system, and you would be contracted to colds and flu.

Regular Workout

Make sure you people have kept yourself physically active. It keeps your immune system healthy by flushing out bacteria from the lungs to reduce the chance of getting cold, flu or illness. Workout boosts your brain and keeps your spirits up.

Healthy Diet Intake

Everyone should pay attention to fruits and veggies for maintaining an average weight that keeps your body in perfect shape. ABC diet would help you to fight off several diseases and make your immune system stronger. Take the help of nutritionists; they would suggest a better diet plan. Never compromise on diet quality because it is the main thing that will protect you from viral diseases and it would only happen with a robust immune system.

Wash Off Your Hands

Infections would be away from you when you practice handwashing and face-covering methods. It helps a lot not get germs into your body and make the immune system strong and healthy. People who don’t wash their hands would get a severe respiratory illness, diarrhea, food poisoning and infection to other people. Not washing hands puts the immune system at risk.

Regular Exercise

Everyone needs to invest some time in regular exercise. Take out some time from your daily routine and do the workout. It doesn’t mean go for heavy activities. Just get started with the lower-level workouts to keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercise is good enough for a strong immune system.