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Dansys Group- WS80A with Elite System Focusing on Diagnostic Solutions for Women’s Health

The WS80A with Elite technology is designed to create a new way for ultrasound diagnosis. It is high resolution as well as premium FDA-approved technology. The WS80A Elite is specially designed for women’s healthcare. It is empowered by Samsung the world’s class digital technology. Through, the WS80A Elite you can view the image clearly by leveraging the S-Vue™ transducer technology. This advanced WS80A Elite technology is designed for improving the diagnosis as well as heart imaging. It is highly beneficial for the health care industry to diagnosis on patients even in the most complex exams. This upgraded 3D imaging engine provides more clear crystal images with more details.

In WS80A Elite the Hybrid imaging engine evo combines the color image as well as the 2D. This combination combines in order to make a noise reduction processing. This advanced latest technology provides clearer 2D and 3D images to help diagnose patients. In advanced imaging function, the ClearVision helps to reduce the unwanted noise and it provides an excellent crystal-clear image to the physician. The S-Flow is a highly sensitive Doppler technology. It ensures confident vascular documentation.

What is 5D Ultrasound? 

5D ultrasound is an advanced technology specially designed to streamline the workflow easily for physicians. This technology is the best and most for women in today’s healthcare professionals. It provides crystal clear images for the following a fetal heart, brain, long bones as well as nuchal translucency.

5D Diagnostic Solutions – A Premium care in women health 

This WS80A Elite’s 5D solution provides information about women’s health issues. And, also it automatically allows the utilization of the volume data for the diagnostic planes.

5D Heart color™ (the fetal heart examination) allows the interrogation of a STIC it is nothing but (spatiotemporal image correlation). It automatically generates the nine standard fetal echocardiography in a single template. So, it is easy to view even a smaller portion. 5D Heart color™ is intelligent navigation technology. 5D CNS+™ is a tool for examine the (fetal brain) by reducing the operator’s dependency the 5D CNS+™ offers a total 6 measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, CM, Vp, TCD) 5D Limb Vol.™ allows you to examine the fetal weight accurately. It is an advanced tool to measure the upper arm as well as thigh.

5D Follicle™ is a tool to measure the (follicle). The WS80A with Elite’s 5D Follicle automatically finds the follicles and measure the size of each follicle in order to provide the information. 5D NT™ is used to measure the (Nuchal translucency). The operator dependency reduces the fetal nuchal translucency measurements. The Realistic Vue™ is applied to the 5D NT in order to detect the mid-sagittal.

Advanced Diagnostic Solutions for Women’s Health

The WS80A with Elite features provides an effective diagnostic solution for women’s health issues.

Family Planning

Healthy Birth

Healthy Pregnancy Biometry

Gynecology and Breast Health

Healthy Pregnancy Diagnosis

Innovative Fetal

CrystalVue™ is an advanced rendering technology. It enhances the visualization of both internal as well as external structures in one single image. CrystalVue Flow™ helps understand the relational anatomy and neighbouring vessels. It also increases the vascular structure depth perception. Realistic Vue™ displays advanced 3D visualization with exceptional details with depth perception.

Highly Detailed Information for Cervix

The E-cervix is a tool to measure the stiffness of the cervix by using strain elastography. It shows the ratio between the internal as well as external of the uterus. This advanced technology helps to reduce the inter-observer and increases reproducibility.

Dansys Group- WS80A with Elite System Focusing on Diagnostic Solutions for Women's  Health - Newshunt360

Designed for Your Convenience

23.8-inch LED monitor

The WS80A ELITE’S unique feature is a 23.8-inch full HD LED display. It delivers excellent contrast crystal clear image with vibrant color in all lighting conditions.

10.1-inch Touch Screen

The WS80A with Elite 10.1-inch touch screen is highly sensitive. It is easy to minimize the users’ stress from repetitively pressing buttons.

Easy to Adjust Control Panel

The WS80A with Elite system allows the users to adjust the system according to their preferred height without much straining.

Additional EC Transducer Holder

The WS80A with Elite features EC transducer holders for the user’s convenience while scanning the gynecological.

Hello Mom™

Simple Transfer Of Fetal Ultrasound Images And Videos To The Smartphone

The WS80A with Elite’s HelloMom™ allows the users to simply transfer the fetal ultrasound images as well as videos clips to the device wirelessly. Through this device, the family can view the fetus’s breath taking images in a click.

Why WS80A with Elite’s HelloMom™ ?

HelloMom™ is highly beneficial for doctors. It reduces the time on sharing the images or video clips with the families. And the major advantage of WS80A with Elite’s HelloMom™ device is no need to install any unnecessary application for pregnant women and their family members to view their baby image. This HelloMom™ helps them to view their baby image as well video clip right on their smartphone in just one single click!

Why Dansys- WS80A with Elite?

The Dansys WS80A with Elite technology is an FDA-approved technology in UAE. Dansys Group has 13 years of experience in providing the leading medical equipment throughout the nation. Dansys Group is a top-rated global medical equipment provider throughout the UAE. We’d love to share more about the Dansys- Samsung WS80A with Elite advanced technology. We deliver the best-in-class WS80A with Elite technology at a cost-effective price. We offer quality WS80A with Elite Samsung ultrasound systems to hospitals, imaging centers, as well as to medical practices throughout the world. As the largest distributor Dansys made a reputed name in the market by providing the top-grade Samsung WS80A with Elite device in UAE.

The Samsung WS80A with Elite specialists can discuss your facility’s needs, as well as requirements, and clinical applications to match you with the best Samsung WS80A with Elite solution. Do you want to know more about the Samsung WS80A with Elite device?

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