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COVID & Mental Health: How to Manage Mental Health During The Pandemic

In this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that has drastically impacted the life of all of us is social isolation. From sudden lockdown to surges in COVID-19 cases, it has become challenging to maintain a sound & healthy mind. Amidst this pandemic, anxiety and stress disorders have found new and dark corners place in our community, and in order to control the spread of Coronavirus, all normal activities have been stopped due to restricted movement, causing severe exhaustion and fatigue.

Our fight against Covid-19 is ongoing. But in the meantime, it is important to keep mental well-being a top priority. Here are some of the ways to manage your mental health while being at home:

Feel Free to Express your Feelings

We are all humans and it’s okay to not be normal all the time. Whether you are feeling stressed or exhausted from work from home schedule then take a break! If you are feeling worried or low, anxious or agitated, we suggest you give yourself a break and understand it’s okay to feel all the emotions. At this time, it’s better to stay connected with your family and friends, talking to them about your feelings. Don’t let negative thoughts surround your mind, distract yourself through activities that make you calm.

Self- Assessment is the Key

During these difficult times, it has become necessary to continuously check on yourself and your loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the mental health of everybody around us, with the early symptoms of stress – difficulty in sleeping, irritability, intrusive memories, prolonged melancholia, eating disorder, or feeling of hopelessness – setting in. Talk to a doctor, friends or family; if required seek professional help to control these issues on time.

Take Some Off from Social Media & News

You don’t need to know every bit of what’s happening around, you. It’s may not be that great for your mental health. Make a habit of stepping away from news and information that bothers you.  These days social media have a big influence on people, and we only advise you to seek information from authorized sources, says an expert from AMRI Hospitals. You don’t need to take in whatever your feed is offering you.

Study suggests mental health distress increased during Covid-19 pandemic |  Health - Hindustan Times

Take Out Time for Physical Activities

Join online classes for yoga, or take time out to go out for a run. Even a brief walk can relax the mind and improve unreasonable mood swings, while reducing anxiety and stress. As per experts, it is essential to invest 30 minutes in a day in any physical activity to boost your mood and keep yourself active. You can take a small 10 minutes break after every 2 hours and then keep adding a few minutes daily to kickstart the routine. Focusing on the present moment can help you to center your anxious thoughts and release tension of what the future unfolds. Also, deep breathing exercises have huge benefits to break the chain of anxious thoughts helping you to feel calm and relax.


Experiencing fear, conflict, anxiety, confusion, and feeling stressed all the time have become normal in this unprecedented situation. Not only is the emergence of virus a whole new circumstance, the fear associated with it has taken over the mind of people, as they have bene forced to a a new lifestyle. As doctors predict the arrival of yet another wave, it is better to be in touch with a healthcare professional and speak about your feelings openly. We hope the methods suggested here help you to cope with stress and maintain your mental wellbeing.